That’s life!

And what a strange life it is at the moment. We are presently living in unprecedented times indeed. As we navigate these unchartered waters of the pandemic with its lockdowns and isolation from family and friends; with the fear mongering mass media, are we able to take a step back – zoom out and see what is really happening? Can we step out of the fear and remember that we are all connected; connected by love. And, while we are all definitely not in the same boat, few have been untouched by this year’s events. Some have gained and some have lost. These losses have been massive both in terms of employment and financial security as well as the loss of loved ones.

It is important for us to acknowledge that out of the darkness comes the light and each of us has a choice how we respond and what choices we make. Are we going to take responsibility for ourselves? For our actions?  For our health?

Health is Wealth

A yoga guru once said that, “Health is wealth; peace of mind is happiness.” Never has this been more important for our collective well being than now. Choosing a healthful lifestyle that incorporates a healthy balanced diet and the right work life balance that is a good fit for you are vital. As soon as the balance is tipped we fall into stress responses – fight, flight or freeze, which can cause dis-ease in the body. Never has it been more important to take care of ourselves. What are you bringing into your life for self care? This begins with ourselves: choosing good, clean food; choosing to move our bodies; choosing to smile!

In spite of everything we must smile more, laugh more, love more. Life is connection; life is love. C’est la vie!