…keep it burning hot!!

This was meant to be a new year new you blog, however, we are now already into February! So how is your new year shaping up so far? Are you sticking to resolutions made? Maybe you have decided to eat less meat or to take that step and try a plant based lifestyle? Or maybe January, for you, is a dry month or one in which you intend to stick to an exercise plan?

Whatever your intention a new habit needs to be formed and this takes consistency, discipline and effort.

Without a doubt the mind will try to trick you to stop you from changing your bad habits to better more healthful ones. Question is, can you catch it when it does this and be the observer? Notice the mind encouraging you to stay in bed where it’s warm rather than heading outside into the cold for an early morning run! We all know this voice right?

What we need to do is keep that fire burning; stoke the embers and keep them burning hot. Whether in terms of our relationships with parents, siblings, friends, lovers, soulmates some effort is required. We need to nourish and nurture our relationships, especially the relationship we have with ourself. Committing to a new more healthful way of living, a new exercise plan or simply to be more present all require us to be consistent and to be disciplined.

An effort on our part is necessary; an effort to begin again.

Whenever we fall, to get back up and start again without judgment. Every breath, every moment brings an opportunity to start again. Resolve to stick with your intentions for this new year, this new you. Stay strong, stay true, stay you.