Zero waste in Stockton Heath Warrington

As you can see we have invested a great deal into our zero waste area. It’s something we are super proud to have brought to Warrington and now Stockton Heath.

Warrington Refill ShopBYOC and refill organic whole foodsWe started in Crown street in Warrington town centre nearly 3 years ago. We managed to complete this small section because our community backed our business. We crowdfunded for some scales and 16 dispensers.

zero waste
It’s fair to say we have grown this into something quite special that Warrington can be proud of but does it get the use it deserves? 

Currently the zero waste section is not used to its full potential.

We have to say there are many factors as to why the usage is not what it should be. The pandemic has damaged the hearts and minds of people across the planet. Without understating the seriousness of the illness the government has done a very good job of creating enough fear that most people do not want to venture out. As a clean, healthy food provider we are astounded at the amount of money the government has spent on promoting the uptake of injections yet has never promoted the importance of nutrition, clean food, sunshine, exercise and fresh air.

Lockdowns have also pushed people even more towards online shopping. You only have to look at the major corporations and online retailers who have won hands down during the last 20 months. Take a read here how the habits have shifted.    

Figures are up to September 2020 and it has become worse since the last national lockdown in December 2020.

How do we overcome the fear and anxiety of moving about again? How do we change these habits from online to physical shopping again? As you can see below there has been a massive shift of value out of local commerce. We need to reverse this as much as possible to save our local community and our high streets.



You can check out zero waste section here.

We will now dispense your order and ship to any where in the country in a bid to reach a wider audience during these very odd times.

What you get buying from an ethical retailer?

  • everybody is treated fairly that is paid fairly. Supermarkets do not follow this ethos and focus on profit profit profit. They are cheaper for many unethical reasons and marketing is their tool.
  • ethical retailers are generally independent shops owned and funded by local people or COOPs
  • you will get a more personal level of service whilst dealing directly with owners and not a faceless CEO
  • you will get the care and due diligence that our products meet this ethos
  • you will get access to a range of goods not usually found in the big corporations

We bring this blog post to you in a hope that here becomes a wider understanding of how our core interactions with each other are being eroded and it is up to us – the people – to hold onto and keep sacred these very simple things.

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